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It’s really frustrating when people choose not to listen and continuously request written imagines. No more are allowed in the inbox and if another one comes through, I’ll stop writing then.

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I have received a few messages asking where I was and why I haven’t been posting. I had photoshop troubles, which is the program I use to make the imagine banners. It stopped working and it has taken me days to find another working version, but I have succeeded. I also have started back with school. I don’t attend classes, never have - I do everything online, but it’s much stricter. I have a certain amount of hours to do each week, so i’ll be sparse for a while. Written imagines will have to wait, i’m not doing those at the moment. So, if you’ve sent one in - thank you, it’ll be done eventually. With that being said, I don’t want to see anymore in the ask. I don’t mean to come off as rude, but it clearly states that i’m not accepting them - you can see that message when you open the inbox. To cut things short, photo imagines will be done shortly. 

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don’t send in repeat requests. send it once, that’s all - any more than that and the request will be deleted all together. 

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